Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 4 - Yoga

I was really pleased with myself that I actually did this workout today because I was thinking of skipping it. I had a bunch of things to do right after work today and then we met some friends for supper at 6pm. I tried my best not to eat too much (which was hard!) so I could do yoga once I got home. I figured Chinese food and up-side-down poses wouldn't mix well!

We got home after 8pm and I'm proud to say that I still did my workout, even though it made me late getting to bed. The workout is 1 1/2 hrs and I like to get to bed early when I'm working at 7:30am. Even as I was doing the workout, I was tempted to cut it short, but I didn't and I finished it all. I did have to skip a few exercises that hurt my back a bit, but I was able to do most of them.

I have been a little worried about my back while doing this program. I found out recently that I have a slightly compressed disc between L4 & L5, which has been bothering me on and off for quite a long time now, but it's been worse lately. They warn you not to do P90X if you have any problems, including back issues, and I was worried that someone might tell me not to do the program. But so far, I think I've been ok. I know my limits and I think I can adjust the moves so that I don't make my back worse, or I can just skip any moves that put strain on my back. I know I have to strengthen my core muscles to help support my back, so I don't want to stop exercising. So I guess I'll just continue on and hope for the best!

As for the Yoga X DVD, it was a lot more intense that I had expected. I have done lots of yoga and pilates in the past, so I didn't find it too bad. It was definitely challenging though and I just don't have the strength yet to hold some of the poses. I wonder how others would find it though, particularly guys who have never done yoga before. It would be pretty tough I would imagine! But then again, some of the people on the video weren't able to do a lot of the moves when they started either and they seemed to do a great job now.

I liked this video a lot and I was pretty limber by the end of it. It is a little long, but definitely manageable.

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