Saturday, April 25, 2009

Days 45 & 46- Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs and Yoga

As of yesterday, I'm half-way done P90X! I'm still loving it and I'm still feeling great! Yesterday was Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Abs. It's a tough workout, but I feel like I'm getting more used to it and doing better. I'm not going to write what I had to eat yesterday. I started off really well, but friends came over with treats, so it all went out the window. I tried my best though and had a veggie burger and veggie dog instead of the bad kind. I didn't do nearly as bad as I could have, but it wasn't great!

Today was yoga, but I didn't get to it until this evening. It was gorgeous out today (about 25C), so I spent a lot of time outside, not wanting to be couped up inside for 1 1/2 hr doing yoga! So I sat in the sun for a bit, cleaned my car, shoveled some snow and did some gardening....yep, you read right, I shoveled some snow! We still have a snow drift from where the plow guy piled it this winter. So, while wearing shorts, a tank top and flip flops, I shoveled snow onto the driveway so it would melt faster. The rest of the yard is clear of snow, except for this one pile. I hate looking at it and wanted it gone, but it's going to be there for a few more days at least.

Anyway, I did yoga later on this evening. I love that I'm half-way through the program, but I'm finding it's coming at a price. When I first started, I liked the yoga workout. I would happily go through the workout, doing my poses, and then belly 7. I would keep forgetting that yoga belly 7 (which is worse than Ab Ripper X in my opinion), was at the end of the yoga workout. But NOW, I know what's coming at the end and I'm having a harder time enjoying the workout because I know there's torture at the end. Not my idea of a good way to finish up a yoga workout!

Here's what I ate today:
  • Breakfast: Omelet made with 6 egg whites, 2 slices of turkey bacon, mushrooms, yellow peppers and cheese. Large milk
  • Snack: Frozen fruit bar
  • Lunch/Supper: Chicken breast wrap with honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, cheese
  • Snacks: Protein shake with soy milk, workout drink, protein shake with water, fruit (mandarin oranges and peaches), can of V8 juice, a couple of handfuls of popcorn with melted butter.

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