Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 28 - Rest and Phase 1 results!

I think I'll take a rest day today instead of stretch because I'm playing soccer tonight and I'm just plain pooped from mopping the floors.

I've finished Phase 1 of P90X and here are some results:

Weight: I've fluctuated quite a bit over the last month or so and in the end, I've only lost 2 pounds. I didn't really expect to lose much after only the first month, and probably part of it is from building muscle. I also haven't really been following the nutrition plan, just trying to eat healthy, but that's probably part of the reason why I haven't lost much.

Measurements: Not a huge change in my measurements yet either. Since day one, I've lost 2.5 inches in my waist and an inch in my hip/thigh area. I also seem to have lost 1/2 an inch in my left thigh, but none in my right! Everything else is pretty much the same.

Overall: I'm still feeling great and even though there isn't a lot of difference in my measurements, I am starting to see some more muscle tone. I took my 30 day pictures, but unfortunately you can't really see it! But I can tell, and that's progress. I'm not quite ready to post my pictures yet...not until I start to see some major differences.

So tomorrow I start Phase 2. I'm a little disappointed that it's almost exactly the same as Phase 1, the only difference being that I do Chest, shoulders and triceps instead of Shoulders and arms.

So to finish, here's what I ate today:

  • Breakfast: 2 soft-boiled eggs, 2 pieces WW toast with natural peanut butter, milk
  • Supper: 1/2 of a WW tortilla with veggies, chicken, salsa and feta...the two hairs were just a bonus...thanks Smitty's restaurant! And because I was still hungry, I had leftover shrimp and veggie stir-fry.
  • Snacks: Protein bar, chocolate milk, small bag of mini eggs

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