Monday, April 13, 2009

Days 35 & 36 - Rest and Core Synergistics

This picture is actually my own, not one taken off the internet. It's of kitty #2 of 3 in our house. Her name's "Seven" and this was taken when she was a kitten.

Yesterday I decided to take a rest day instead of stretch. I find most of my rest/stretch days so far have ended up being rest days. Since that's allowed, I don't feel guilty at all!

Today was Core Synergistics. I am getting better at this workout. I remember the first time I did this, on day 1 of P90X, I thought it would kill me. I've especially had a hard time with "plank to chaturanga run" and "walking push-ups". I'm happy to report that I was able to do all 60 sec. of each of these moves today!

Meals today:
  • Breakfast: 2 pieces multigrain toast with honey, protein shake with blueberries, milk and water
  • Snack: protein bar
  • Supper: 2 tuna melts (multigrain bread, fat free mayo, tuna, cheese), small glass diet coke


  1. Love reading your blog! Your routine is inspiring - ok, not quite enough to get me up off my ass, but inspiring enough to "think" about getting up off my ass. Keep it up girl! You're doing great!!

  2. Well thinking about getting off your ass is one step closer to actually getting off your ass!