Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 52 - Kenpo

I feel like I've been a little slack at posting lately. I've been pretty busy and just don't seem to have the time to post anything significant. Today is going to be the same...just a quick post.

Yesterday I took a day off because I spent the entire day painting my exercise room. I'm still not done yet, but I've got the walls covered. I just need to do the design next. But since I painted all day yesterday and the room was a mess, I didn't have the energy to exercise, even if I'd had the space to workout!

Today I cleaned and tidied up the room so that I was able to do Kenpo. I used the hand weights, but didn't use the ankle weights this time. I feel like I got a decent workout, but didn't push myself that hard. No excuse really, just didn't feel into it.

  • Breakfast: Kashi Go Crunch (if that's the right name) and skim milk
  • Snack: sliced peaches, V8 juice
  • Lunch: ham, lettuce, tomato sub and salad with very little catelina dressing
  • Snack: protein bar
  • Supper: pork tenderloin and some low cal ranch dressing, salad with feta and olive oil, pudding

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