Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Days 58 & 59 - Cardio and Shoulders, Arms

Two days ago, I did Cardio and yesterday I did Shoulders and Arms. I was late getting started yesterday, so didn't have time to do Ab Ripper. Every time I tried to start my workout, people kept calling on the phone. Eventually I stopped answering! Sorry Mom!

I'll try and fit Ab Ripper into one of my other workouts this week. It was either stay up past my bedtime and do Abs, or try and get to bed on time and get a good sleep. Sleep won!

Yesterday was the first time since week 3 that I've done Shoulders and Arms. I missed this workout. I really like working my upper body and I was really happy that I didn't have to do any squats or lunges! I noticed quite an improvement during this workout and was able to lift more weight than last time for all of the moves. I pushed harder than normal too, but I'm not even sore today!

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  1. Heather, I recently discovered your blog. It is inspiring to read your progress, struggles, and commitment. I am on day 9 of my P90X journey and understand the value of keeping a journal. Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the great work!