Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 66 & 67 - Back, Biceps, Abs & Yoga

This will just be a short post, because it's a nice day and I don't want to spend too much time on the computer!

Two days ago, I did back & biceps for the very first time, since I'm doing the Lean program. It was a good workout and I can feel my biceps getting stronger. I'm still not a fan of pull ups and I still need the chair for them, but I've moved to using one foot for support instead of both. The corn cob pull ups (or whatever they're called) are killers though. And I kept banging my elbow on the door frame while doing them...ow!

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and did a bunch of yard work, so I kind of ran out of time to do yoga. So I did it today and got it over with early. I can feel my legs getting stronger and I can go longer now without having to take a break and straighten my legs in the vinyasa series. I can actually do half moon pose now, but struggle with the reversed version. I still skip over crane though!

I weighed myself this morning and I was the lowest I've been since I started P90X! Mind you, it's not by much, but since I've been hovering at around 158-159 lbs for so long, it was nice to see 156.8 on the scales! I've stopped weighing myself every day and I'm trying to only do it every couple of weeks or so. And I know I really shouldn't focus on my weight and should focus in inches lost and body fat% instead. But it's still nice to see a drop, even if it's slight, in my weight. I've been taking Osolean for about a week now, so maybe that has something to do with it!

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