Sunday, April 19, 2009

Days 39, 40, 41 - Stretch, Yoga and Kenpo

I went home to Moncton this past weekend to visit my parents, so I had to change my routine a bit. I didn't want to have to lug weights home, so Friday night I did Stretch, Saturday I did Yoga and Sunday I did Kenpo. Tomorrow I will do Legs, Back and Abs, then go straight into week 7 without a rest day.

On Friday night, I had company doing Stretch. My father's girlfriend did the video with me while my father watched. I feel so good after doing the Stretch workout, that I wonder why I don't do it more often. Usually I opt for a rest day instead.

I had an audience for some of the Yoga video the next day, but since it's so long, I guess they got bored! They were quite surprised at how difficult the yoga is. Most people seem to think that yoga is all about stretching and meditating, but it's so much more. I was working so hard I had sweat dripping off my nose during Half Moon it's hard!

I did Kenpo this morning at my mother's house and she joined along for the first little bit. She put in a good effort!

It is really hard to eat well when everyone wants to prepare you a good meal, so I wasn't able to eat very healthy this weekend. Plus, I went to my best friend's baby shower today and there was all kinds of finger food. Tomorrow I'll get back at it!


  1. Yoga is difficult, but I'm glad I also did it this weekend too! Keep crushing play!

  2. It's difficult, but I like it! I feel wobbly, but good after it.

  3. Wow. You sure are dedicated. I'm pretty sure I would've fallen WAY off the wagon by now. Can you see a physical difference yet??

  4. I'm starting to see a difference in how I look. My measurements and weight really haven't changed much, but I can see that I'm getting tighter around the waist. I'm starting to see some muscle lines on my stomach and more definition in my arms and legs. I think some of the lumpiness is going away too! I'll keep you posted!