Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 5 - Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X

Just a quick note on today's workout because I'm off to bed in a minute. The leg and back workout felt good today and I finally got to try out the new chin-up bar. Couldn't do a chin-up without a chair mind you, but in my eyes, they were chin-ups none-the-less! I found the abs a bit harder today because of my back, so I modified and did my own ab moves for a lot of it.
Off to bed now - Kenpo X tomorrow.


  1. I just started P90X this week as well. I'm so sore! Can't wait until things get easier! Good luck!

  2. Cool! So we can sort of do this together! I'm sore, but not as sore as I expected to be. I figured I'd be limping during my entire first week, but it hasn't been that bad.