Friday, April 24, 2009

Rest Day

I decided to take a rest day yesterday because I've had a headache for about 3 days straight. I originally thought my headache would go away with exercising, but that's not working anymore. Plus, I got groceries after work last night, which totally messed up my routine and I wasn't able to exercise until about 8:30. I know, I'm probably just making up excuses, but I haven't taken a rest day in over a week, so I don't feel too bad about taking one last night.

Yesterday was my second day of following the nutrition plan and it went really well. I ate 2030 cals out of a recommended 2008. I think I had one too many fruits, and I was slightly under on my veggies and protein (by one per category). I'm using the P90X XtremeFit Tracker to keep track of my workouts and nutrition and it recommends that I have 2008 cals/day and only have 6 proteins. But according to the P90X nutrition guide, it suggests that I have 2400 cals and have 7 proteins. I think the Fit tracker is considering my weight and other stats, so I should probably go by that one since it seems more tailored to me.

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