Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day ?

Today I skipped my yoga workout for a couple of reasons:
Every Wednesday, we go out for supper with friends at 6pm. Yoga almost always falls on a Wednesday as well, and it's really hard to a) do yoga after a meal, and b) fit the 1 1/2 hr long workout in when I get home after 8pm. So I decided to not do anything today and do yoga tomorrow. That way I've shifted my workouts so that I shouldn't have yoga on Wed.'s anymore. I figure it's ok that I took a day off since I've only missed 4 workout days in the past 5-6 weeks.

On my way home from work today, I stopped in at Sears and got myself a heart rate monitor (Polar F4). I played around with it this evening, but don't quite have the hang of it yet and the manual isn't that great. I'll try and figure it out this weekend.

I do have one question though that maybe people can answer for me. When you're setting your lower and upper limits for bpm, should the range be the lowest and highest you want to acheive during exercise? Or should the lowest be just above your resting HR, and highest be the absolute max? The monitor beeps when you're out of your limit (which can be turned off), so it's a little annoying when it beeps when it's lower than the range set. Any suggestions?

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